Tasting Room

From the crafty minds of 3 wacky craft beer aficionado's comes the first MICRO BREWERY & TAP ROOM in Panama City Beach, Florida & Bay County.

We would never be so cruel as to brew all of these great beers, force you to smell the arousing aromas of hopps and barley and then hand you a glass of water! NIVOL is now offering full brewery educational tours and tasting experiences of our state-of-the-art brewery to educate and infatuate you in the art of brewing and the pleasure of enjoying a meticulously brewed craft beer.

Be on the look out for NIVOL specialty beers, brewed exclusively for the NIVOL Tap Room!


NIVOL Belgium Ale 5.9% ABV   
NIVOL Blueberry Blonde 5% ABV   
NIVOL Buckeye Red IPA 7.5% ABV   
NIVOL Cinnamon Peach Amber 4.6% ABV   
NIVOL Donkey D Amber 4.6% ABV   31.1 IBU
NIVOL Grand Lagoon Cream Ale 4.3% ABV   
NIVOL Irish Stout Nitro 5.2% ABV   
NIVOL Oatmeal Stout 4.5% ABV   
NIVOL Pale Ale 5.2% ABV   51 IBU
NIVOL Pilsner 5.9% ABV   
NIVOL Raspberry Cream Ale 4.3% ABV   
NIVOL Scuba IPA 6.3% ABV   70.3 IBU
NIVOL Super Fly Brown Ale 5.1% ABV   
NIVOL Vanilla Brown Ale 5.1% ABV   
NIVOL Vanilla Viper Wafer Porter 6% ABV   
NIVOL WiFi Password Double IPA 9% ABV   85 IBU